IT Support

Need a personal trainer to figure out your new iOS device? Need help setting up remote meetings for employees or clients? Say hello to Oz.

The Mac Guy

Yes, it’s true, he LOVES Apple products. Even before he moved into the IT department he was the “go to Mac Guy.” He’s supports apple product both in person and remotely and can do the same for you!

Often his clients will say, “I never knew my iPhone could do that!”

Remote Meetings + Learning

From GoTo Meeting to Zoom, and everything in between, Oz can help you identify the best remote meeting platform for you. He can also train you and your staff to make these meetings seamless and professional. Whether you need to meet regularly with clients or move a once in person class online, let Oz know your vision and he will help you get going.

Microsoft Office Administration

Whether you need help setting up your business with Microsoft Office or just need to support it. Oz is here. He’s been the global administrator for world-wide companies. But is able to sit down with an individual user to get them going.

Develop Hardware + Software Processes

Oz has designed and implemented HIPPA compliant hardware and software processes which fully digitized the process using Macs, PCs, iPads, iCloud & OneDrive eliminating thousands of dollar in costs.

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