about oz+em

Oz + Em’s most loyal client: Auggie

oz+em are a creative-minded couple who like to rally around the things they love and believe in. Together, their talents include tech support, photography, graphic design, and social media strategy. The love to help bring a vision to life through a photo, a beautifully designed piece of collateral, or a well planned social media post. Both Oz and Emily are rooted in the hospitality and service industry, so making sure that clients are happy is at the heart of what oz+em do.

A little more about Oz
Blood Donor, Arnold Palmer Drinker, Classic Ford Mustang Lover, Adventure Seeker, Challenge Taker, Kid at Heart…

A little more about Em
Animal Lover, Believer in “Paying it Forward,” Mari Kondo Follower, Checklist Maker, Wine Sipper…

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